December 13, 2012

A little teamwork

My East African colleagues are still on break, and I have no intention of interrupting Sister Salome’s movies, so almost all of the activity around here […]
November 22, 2012

On Leaving Home

Happy Thanksgiving! If you are one of my non-US readers, we are taking the day off here in the States to be with our families, eat […]
October 31, 2012

On doing with, doing without and just doing

I originally drafted this post with the intention of reminding some of my audience that the things we take for granted aren’t necessarily universal or even […]
September 17, 2012

Follow us in East Africa

This year’s trip has the first team of travelers landing in Nairobi at 9:00 pm on September 21. Since we will have started in Boston at […]
September 13, 2012

Reaching for the fruit on the highest branches

The thing about always pushing yourself to climb higher is that, from time to time, you will actually fall. A couple of weeks ago, Mary, one […]
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