200 million adolescents of secondary school age ( about 12- 16) in sub-Saharan Africa are not enrolled in school.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2018

As the data above from UNESCO shows, millions of school going age adolescents are out of school in Africa.

Majority of these children are girls. GTL's scholarship program is helping put some of these girls through school.

With your help, GTL has awarded 1467 scholarships over the last six years. Additionally, 1623 scholars have graduated with a high school diploma since 1998 .

Total amount of funds used per year

Total Amount of Funds Used per Year and No. of Scholarships

    On average the cost of school tuition is $700 / year;
  • for a GTL scholar to complete high school in Kenya ( 4 years) she needs $2800
  • for a GTL scholar to complete high school in Uganda ( 6 years) she needs $4200
  • for a GTL scholar to complete high school in Tanzania ( 6 years) she needs $6600

GTL girls not only improve their lives but are crucial in building and supporting their families and communities.

Diana Sophie Achieng graduated with a first class Honors in Statistics in 2023.

Diana comes from Western Kenya and her family struggled to put her and her siblings through school, she however put her best foot forward and excelled in both her secondary studies at Sega, she graduated in 2016 under a GTL Scholarship Award.

" I would like to appreciate GTL who really and greatly contributed to my academic achievement."

Diana has set the pace for her younger sisters as she navigates her place in the career place in Kenya. She is collating data on new students, continuing students, and other data for Growth Through Learning. We are excited to have her on board to support our mission.

We believe that East Africa can build on successes and improve access to schools that have seen primary school age children, out of school, decrease from 32% to 8% between 2002 and 2011. We work to support girls go beyond primary school and make sure that those successes reach girls in most underserved regions in rural areas.

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