The Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on everyone and GTL scholars are no exception.

The scholars in the GTL Program schools had to pack up and go home from their residential schools without much notice.

For some of the students especially those who come from Karamoja region in Northern Uganda, this journey is long and treacherous, taking 20 to 25 hours, and up to $100 for a round trip.

The families had not planned to spend this money. So, GTL has to step in to help them pay for this cost. Please donate to help GTL pay for this cost.

We are also committed to ensuring that all the 317 girls in school this year, complete their high school education which takes 4 years in Kenya, and 6 years in Uganda and Tanzania.

We do not know when the schools will open, but we do know that the students are losing valuable learning time, as distance learning without access to internet is a challenge throughout East Africa.

The 89 students in the graduating classes of 2020 have to sit the national exams at the end of this calendar year, and time away from school may impact negatively on their performance.

We are committed to paying for an extra year in school for any student who may need it to graduate. We need your continued financial support.

Thank you so much for your generous support. Keep Safe.

Support GTL Scholars' Education through the COVID-19 Pandemic Fund

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