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Thanks to the determination of East African voters and governments, with support from the international community, East African children have a better chance of getting a formal education than ever before in history.

We at Growth Through Learning believe that East African countries can build on those successes to improve school access for girls beyond primary school and to make sure those successes reach girls in the most undeserved areas of each country. But the challenges are more subtle than you might think.


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Make a cash donation by sending a cheque to GTL, P.O Box 390975, Cambridge, MA 02139.

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It's easy to set up an automatic monthly contribution to GTL through your bank. Use your online banking page or ask your bank representative to automatically send a monthly gift to the mail address below. Growth Through Learning, Inc. P.O. Box 390975 Cambridge, MA 02139

Remember GTL in your estate planning. Name GTL as a beneficiary in your will. For supporters and friends over 70½ years old, who want to reduce their required minimum distributions (RMDs), a non taxable direct donation from an IRA to GTL is another way to help. Please contact your IRA fund and ask them to send you a cheque in GTL's name, then mail the cheque to GTL


COMECC Donations

Are you a Massachusetts state or a U.S. Government employee? Growth Through Learning is an approved charity with the Massachusetts COMECC system; just use #700548 on your state contribution. U.S. employees can give to Growth Through Learning as part of the Combined Federal Campaign by choosing our partnering organization, Aid for Africa; use CFC #11084. Thank you!

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