We award high school education scholarships to academically strong girls from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds who come from families without adequate financial resources to pay for their school fees. The scholarships typically last 4 to 6 years, on condition that the student maintains the required GPA, and their performance is at the top 50% of their class.

We work with East African educators and community leaders who coordinate our scholarship program in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

We commit to giving fully paid scholarships to girls who meet the following criteria;

  • Excellent Academic performance
  • Inadequate economic and financial situation of the applicant and family (would not raise $700 a year, for the annual school fees)
  • Received admission to one of the 17 schools in our program in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

If you meet these requirements, ask the school head teacher to put you in touch with the Coordinator who manages the GTL program in that school. You will have to complete an application form for a scholarship grant that will be vetted thoroughly by GTL.

List of Schools in the program


  1. Kabare School
  2. Karoti School
  3. St. Mary’s Mwea School
  4. Pemwai School
  5. Kapropita School
  6. Mogotio School
  7. Huma Girls Secondary School
  8. Sega Girls Secondary School


  1. Kizito Secondary School- Mityana
  2. Lawrence School
  3. Mary Reparatrix School


  1. Kibosho Secondary School-Moshi
  2. Sangiti Secondary School- Moshi
  3. Mary Eugenie Girls Secondary School- Moshi
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