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How we do this

A GTL scholarship award include all costs; tuition, uniform, exam fees, school supplies, room and board at a safe, consistent and educationally vigorous school.

We do this because in rural areas, there are still heavy struggles as parents with lower incomes struggle with saving enough funds for uniforms or exam fees.

    For the girl child;
  • often forced to leave school to support parents or siblings, expected to marry through involuntary marriages, bear children at a young age.
  • susceptible to higher rates of HIV/Aids infection 6 times higher than that of men in some areas.

Educators and Development Professionals recommend that keeping young girls and young women longer in school is an effective way to protect them from early marriages, pregnancies, rape and physical abuse.

Over the past 20 years, citizens and governments in East Africa have made it a priority to educate young children and efforts to achieve gender parity in education have been successful.

Education for all Global Monitoring Report 2015

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We believe that East Africa can build on successes and improve access to schools that have seen primary school age children, out of school, decrease from 32% to 8% between 2002 and 2011. We work to support girls go beyond primary school and make sure that those successes reach girls in most underserved regions in rural areas.