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Support Girls Education this Ramadan

Support girls education - Ramadhan 2021

This Ramadan and all year round you can support bright, young girls in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania access quality secondary education in our partner schools.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected livelihoods and families are struggling to pay fees for their children, with your help we can support students who are already enrolled to complete their education.

“In a crisis like COVID-19, girls and young women are the first to be removed from school and the last to return,” said Malala Yousafzai. “But educated young women are also critical to public health and economic recovery.

” Educate a girl, she will do the rest.”

YES! I would like to support Growth Through Learning with a gift in the amount of;

  • $50 transportation to school and books.
  • $100 support for a GTL Coordinator’s expenses.
  • $350 supports a girl for half an academic year 
  • $700 supports her for a full year
  • $1000 covers school fees for a student plus programmatic support
  • $5000 becomes a sustaining friend of GTL

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