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Celebrating 20 years of educating girls in East Africa

By Wanjiku K Mwangi, Executive Director

In 1998, Growth Through Learning (GTL) gave 12 scholarships to twelve girls in Tanzania to acquire a high school education.

20 years down the road, those scholarships have increased to 200 or more per year.

In 2017, GTL plans to award 210 scholarships to girls in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Almost 1500 girls will have acquired a high school diploma by the end of 2017 through GTL’s scholarships. 


The story of GTL has an inspirational beginning.

The founder of GTL, the Late Roger Whiting went to Tanzania, for a two week Safari to the Serengeti. While having dinner one evening, he got into conversation with a young Waitress, who told him that she was working to support many of her siblings, for basic needs, food and clothing, and that she had never had a chance to go to high school as her parents could not afford to pay for her school fees. This story is typical for many children in East Africa, who live in dire poverty accustomed to hunger, lack of access to quality education, and healthcare.

When Roger Whiting came back home to America, he founded GTL in July 1997, and never looked back.


Growth Through Learning (GTL) Mission remains relevant today, as it was that day in 1997, when Roger met this young waitress. We continue to provide scholarships to deserving East African girls and young women.  Many of the girls continue with higher education in their countries, and become teachers, nurses, and scientists among many other professions.  Two GTL scholars have graduated from US universities and continue to inspire others to reach for the sky.

All Smiles GTL Harvard Graduate and Board Member from L to R; ;Harriet Kariuki and Richard Jenson

It takes USD 750 to provide one year of high school education to a girl in East Africa.

One long time GTL donor recently said,

‘The GTL cheque I write is the only one I write every month that gives me genuine satisfaction.  Nice to know that I am helping in some small way to give some lovely young girls, like the one I met, Teresa Mutahi, a chance at a better life’.

Please donate today and support this effort!

Check us out on and on our social media pages FB: @growththroughlearning/ Twitter: @GrowthThroughL.

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