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Pascaline Mutheu Nthenya

Pascaline Mutheu Nthenya Studies Procurement Management at the Technical University of Kenya

Primary school was a struggle for Pascaline Mutheu Nthenya, who became a GTL scholarship recipient in 2009 for high school. She sometimes went to bed with an empty stomach and had to wake up very early in the morning for the long walk to school; she couldn’t afford transport. Most of the time it was hard for her to concentrate at school since she was hungry, exhausted, and worried about financing her education.

In addition, Pascaline’s mother was living at her workplace and had to rent a small room for Pascaline and her sister where they stayed alone.  Sometimes the girls didn’t see their mother for a full month.

When Pascaline finished primary school, she attended Karoti Girls High School, but she knew it would be extremely hard to go to high school without financial support. She was so in need of funds that she almost became a housekeeper like her mother. However, her mother borrowed money for her fees, because she felt strongly that education was important for her daughter.

When her mother lost her job and was no longer able to support her education, Pascaline felt that the whole world had crashed around her. At this point GTL’s intervention seemed like a miracle.

To retain her scholarship, Pascaline worked hard; for the four years that GTL financed her in Karoti Girls High School, she had no difficulty with her studies. She felt like one of the lucky few and was happy, though it was painful to see some of her schoolmates leave school for lack of fees. She writes, “My prayer is that those hopeless students, whose parents cannot afford school fees be helped because most of them are bright and due to lack of fees their dreams and zeal to learn are shattered. I am requesting anyone who can to support GTL so that it may continue to help needy students like me.”

Pascaline’s high school grades were high enough to grant her admission to a local college. She is now attending the Technical University of Kenya with the help of GTL while working and studying full-time.

She is working toward a diploma in procurement and supply chain management and picked this major because it is “the backbone of any organization and with the current economic boom there is a high demand for specialists.” With this major she has learned management and leadership skills, and studied macro and micro economics, accounting, communication, business statistics, public relations, entrepreneurship, logistics, principles of procurement, and  procurement law.

“I am passing my gratitude to the GTL fraternity who have supported me this far. Without your kindness I really don’t know what turn my life would have taken.”

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