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Recruiting New Board Members for GTL


Growth Through Learning (GTL) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping young women in East Africa to achieve their aspirations for themselves, their families, and their communities.   We do this by providing scholarships for secondary school to bright but impoverished young women in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.   For more information, please visit GTL at or contact Donna Lazorik at

Overall Responsibilities of the GTL Board of Directors

The board supports the work of GTL by providing mission-based leadership and strategic governance. The board governs the organization in partnership with the ED’s day-to-day leadership.  This relationship is critical for effectively and efficiently advancing GTL’s purposes; and requires strong commitment from all parties involved.  The board as a whole must:

Follow the laws, limitations, and fiduciary responsibilities required of nonprofit corporations.

Provide strategic visioning, leadership, and business advice to achieve GTL’s mission.

Oversee policy development, program direction, and a metrics-driven program evaluation process.

Actively participate in fundraising and serve as an ambassador for GTL.

Maintain a governing and committee structure that enhances GTL’s capabilities.

Oversee the financial management of the corporation.

Provide adequate human and financial resources to sustain and further the purposes of GTL.

Hire, evaluate, and provide for succession of the executive director.

Commit to a board diverse in perspective, skill mix, and experience.

Maintain a culture of mutual respect, diversity, and teamwork.


Responsibilities of Individual GTL Board Members

Provide leadership, governance and oversight

Be informed and compliant with all legal and fiduciary responsibilities as described in:

GTL Articles of Incorporation

GTL By-laws

Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 180: Corporations for Charitable and Certain Other Purposes

Internal Revenue Code 501(3)C: Tax Information for Charitable Organizations

MA Attorney General’s Guide for Board Members of Charitable Organizations

Approve GTL’s annual budget and key business decisions.

Understand GTL’s mission, purpose, goals, strengths, and needs.

In collaboration with the ED, participate in the review and revision of GTL’s strategic plan.

Advise and support the ED as s/he implements GTL’s strategic plan.

Review outcomes and metrics that evaluate the GTL program impact and use evaluation results and evidence-based best practices to achieve and sustain GTL’s mission.

Contribute to an annual performance evaluation of the ED.

Assist the ED and Board Nominating Committee in identifying and recruiting other board members.

Partner with the ED and other board members to ensure that board resolutions are implemented.

Serve in leadership positions.

Represent GTL to stakeholders; act as an ambassador for the organization.

Ensure GTL’s commitment to a diverse board and staff.


Ensure GTL’s sustainability

Consider GTL a philanthropic priority and make annual donations that reflect that priority.   In order to credibly solicit donations from individuals and foundations, GTL expects that 100% of board members will make an annual donation that is commensurate with their capacity.

Assist in identifying potential donors by providing names and contact information of potential donors to GTL, or personally contacting potential donors on GTL’s behalf.

Participate in GTL fundraising activities.


Board terms/participation

GTL’s board members serve three-year terms, with a maximum of two consecutive terms, pending re-election by the board.

Participate in regular board meetings.  Regular board meetings are held quarterly, usually on Saturdays, in Cambridge and/or Southborough.  Regular board meetings usually last 4 – 5 hours.

Be active on at least one committee and attend committee meetings and conference calls, usually 1- 2 per quarter.

Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.

Participate in board development activities and initiate self-learning to stay current



This is a unique opportunity for an individual who is passionate about GTL’s mission and who is looking for an opportunity to progress to board leadership.

Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

Professional experience with accomplishments in business, finance, marketing, philanthropy, or the nonprofit sector, and/or other subject expertise beneficial to the needs of the GTL board.

Ability to analyze data-based management reports, including financial statements.

A commitment to GTL’s mission and purposes, and a passion for improving the lives of sponsored students, their families, and communities.

Professional communication and conflict resolution skills.

Demonstrated ability to cultivate positive working relationships with individuals with diverse perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and ideas.

Ability to commit the time necessary to attend meetings and contribute to the governance of the organization.


Note:  Service on GTL’s Board of Directors is without remuneration.


GTL does not discriminate in its hiring practices, recruitment of board members, or acceptance of volunteers or contracts, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap.

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