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August 8, 2015
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August 8, 2015
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Re-Imagine the Holidays

When shopping for holiday gifts, have you ever thought to yourself,  “There has to be a better way?”  For several years now, my friends and I have made donations to each other’s favorite charities at holiday time.  No more craziness at the mall, no more stress about getting the right gift, and, best of all for me at least, no more accumulating stuff at a time when I am trying to simplify my life.  Instead, my friends and I have thoughtful discussions about why our causes are important to us, clarifying our own values in the process.   Of course, my favorite charity, and that of some of my friends, is Growth Through Learning.  But other friends have different causes they support and I am happy to learn more about those and support them as well.

A new tradition of supporting causes and the people they help can be immensely satisfying and lets us enjoy a more meaningful holiday season.

Donna Lazorik,

President-Elect, GTL

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