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September 25, 2013
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December 26, 2013
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Lives Are Transforming – Conversations and visits

Every year we issue a few special invitations to friends and acquaintances whom we think might enjoy the chaos and intensity of our trip to East Africa to visit our students. It takes a special sort of person to give up a vacation in say, Paris or Jamaica, in favor of a trip to rural East Africa. The trip costs a volunteer about $2,000 for  two weeks, not including the airfare to and from Nairobi, and most of our volunteers are pretty average working folk like you or me. So we are deeply grateful every time we convince one of these wonderful people to help us on our visit. 

In 2015, we travelled to Uganda and Tanzania, visiting all the schools there. I travelled with the President, Nancy Dougherty, her husband, Kevin and a dear friend  of theirs and donor to GTL.

In June 2017, the plan right now is to travel with the current President, Donna Lazorik, a few other Board Members and a friend, who is also a valued volunteer at GTL.  We  will first arrive in Tanzania, where we shall  meet up with all our coordinators, for a day’s conference, and then have another full day of workshops with former scholars of GTL. Sr Lucy Diu, our coordinator in Tanzania is busy planning for these events.

After the events in Tanzania, the group will travel to Kenya, where we shall visit  the students and coordinators in Central, Western, and Rift Valley parts of Kenya.   We are looking forward to conversations and hearing all about how the GTL scholars are fairing.

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