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March 4, 2013
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March 27, 2013
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Today’s update from the elections in Kenya

Hello everyone,

Our wonderful coordinator in Central Region, Kenya, Beatrice Mwaniki, sends this to  us today. Thank you, Beatrice, for sharing with us Kenya’s historic moment!

Dear Amy,

Today is an historic day for our great country, Kenya, as we vote under
the new constitution. By 5am I was out of the house heading to my
polling station. I took a motor bike taxi, and what impressed me, Amy, is
that along the way I passed so many people going to exercise their
democratic right. I have never seen Kenyans so enthusiastic about
voting. It is my prayer that we get the real change we’ve been waiting
for. By tomorrow we shall have known the 4th president of the Republic
of Kenya.

All the best,

And within the past hour:
As I write, the two popular candidates
Raila and Kenyatta are in the lead with the later leading. At the
moment we may not predict who the winner is, but soon we shall. There
has been much calm, and we believe the same will continue.

Our thoughts are with Kenyans everywhere…

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  1. brookskeene says:

    Having lived in Kenya during the last elections, definitely keeping my fingers crossed for a peaceful and just outcome.

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