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February 12, 2013
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March 4, 2013
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Hello everyone,

It’s been a few extra days since I have had a chance to get something up on the blog. We heard last month that the collaborative space in which we have our desks is closing, and that led to a rush to find a new space (on a shoe-string budget). First, my thanks to Stephen Harrington, who took pity on us and is leasing us a beautiful space in Central Square Cambridge! And now some great news from Kenya–

Lucy Ndera

If you were following along this fall, you might remember a post from Eldoret about Lucy, a wonderful intelligent young woman who has been working her way through a teaching program in the evenings and weekends for the past few years since graduating from secondary school with GTL support. One of our blog readers saw Lucy’s story and sent in a contribution to make sure she could pay the rest of her tuition. Lucy checked in yesterday to say that she is now in the last days of preparing for her upcoming final exams. Our thoughts are with you, Lucy! As we say here in the U.S., “knock ’em dead!”

Feel free to post notes to Lucy here or on our Facebook page–I’ll make sure she gets them.



  1. Louis says:

    Last fall on our annual African site visit we lunched with Lucy at the cafe shown in Eldoret. She impressed us then with her determination and it is rewarding to hear she is progressing along her desired pathway. I hope to hear more good news from her over time.
    The “boots on the ground” visits not only survey the schools we support, but moreover, we are able to to meet young women who are going to make a difference in Africa.

  2. southpond says:

    Was that donor Cathy Toomey? If yes, I will send her this post.

    I really enjoyed our board meeting and I am so pleased with all you are doing for GTL!


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