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December 26, 2012
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January 24, 2013
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Back to work!

Actually, we’ve been working hard over here at GTL, but we have (thankfully) reached the point where paperwork gives way again to more exciting matters. In the US, we are setting up some new joint projects. Once you get almost 400 ambitious, East African teenage girls settled in dormitories and classes, what else can you do? Well, you can hook them up with a group of ambitious, American teenage girls. Nothing says, “I’m important to the world” like sharing ideas and ¬†experiences with someone on another continent. We’ve reached out to some really extraordinary programs here–Science Club for Girls and Boston’s Black Ministerial Alliance–to see what a little energy and time can create.

And while I am busy getting our programs here in place, everyone is returning to classes in East Africa. International wires go out on Tuesday for the few students we sponsor in universities and colleges along with the first round of payments to secondary schools. Soon I will have word from you on the new crop of scholars.

In honor of our new year, I give you one of the photos taken and sent by our students at St. Kizito’s. They sent us this great picture of two of the farm hands that work on the school farm with a new litter of piglets.

school farm

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  1. brookskeene says:

    That’s an incredibly cute picture (also heart-warming to think of students on different continents talking to each other, but I like baby pigs).

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