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October 31, 2012
Second Chances (also, announcement of a winner)
November 15, 2012
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A winner (another one…)

Hello voters! As many of you noticed, Louis offered our winning answer to last week’s poll. I repost below this photo of Louis winning a pair of Obama boxer shorts while Sister Salome (our Uganda coordinator) looks on with a grin. Could there be a better GTL photo for today?

And while you are enjoying Louis’ glee, see if you can come up with the winning answer to this week’s challenge: we look for leadership qualities in the young women we support in East Africa. In a sentence or two, what do YOU think is the most important quality for a leader to have and why?

Answers that standout for wisdom or eloquence are good, but so is anything that interrupts my budget paperwork.


  1. MichaelEdits says:

    I’ve gotta get me some shorts like those

  2. mmnoyes says:

    hey lou, go to the link above (or look in the Oct. 2012 archives) to find my winning quip.
    gotta learn how to navigate in these blogs!

  3. ok, I am new at this so do not know if I am in the right spot but know that Amy will make it right. I coach empowerment with individuals, groups and businesses so here are my thoughts on the key to good leadership. The most important quality is self knowledge-KNOW and BELIEVE in yourself and suport others in doing the same. Listen to your inner self knowings and do the same with others; love yourself enough to act from this space and validate others to do the same. Know that when we are vulnerable enough (safe in our own skins)to share are strengths and weaknesses with others, it also gives them permission to be themselves. And I do not need a prize-Amy is one of my 4 best prizes in life.

  4. Kate McIlwain says:

    Leaders possess compassion, vision, and hope. Without compassion the leader is self-serving and therefore leads no one. Leadership without vision is stagnant. Without hope the leader cannot find strength to endure the innumerable obstacles that will stand in the way of making a vision reality.

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