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October 18, 2012
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October 31, 2012
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A contest!

We at GTL are inviting you to participate in a contest–with prizes. The details are later in this post, but let me start by explaining why we’re having this contest. Rumor has it that some of you have not been reading this blog. For many of you, this is entirely ¬†forgivable. In some cases, your failure to subscribe to the blog comes as a disappointment (mom). So we thought we would give you a little extra incentive.

Every Wednesday, we will post a new challenge question. You have one week to post your answers in the “comment” box at the bottom of this post, and next Wednesday, the executive director will choose the best answer and notify you that you have won. What will you win? Well, we’ve been lucky to collect some free or donated items: GTL cotton tote bags, pounds of Kenyan coffee, GTL t-shirts–the sort of stuff that shows you like the idea of sending East African students to high school. And every Wednesday when I announce the week’s winner, I will post the next challenge. Join in. After all, we could all use a little help getting through Wednesdays!

This week’s challenge is geared toward the clever and creative amongst you–we need a caption for one of our recent photographs. Like any organization doing work in Africa, we have the advantage of getting fantastic photos of kids we meet along the way, photos like these:

These photographs our basically our way of saying, “hey, the kids we meet are really fantastic, and life is just more fun when you make them part of it!” Not all of our photos come out this way, though. This photo, taken at Sega’s athletic fields in Western Kenya, shows some young men responding to our efforts at conversation. So, what’s the caption on this one?


  1. meg says:

    This is how I make half of my face smile!

  2. Nicole Witherbee says:

    Is this lady kidding me? Just keep smiling and they will move on……

  3. brookskeene says:

    Only scholarships for girls, huh?

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