Growth Through Learning is a secular organization that supports education and development by providing full scholarships to secondary schools for bright young women in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda who would otherwise be unable to afford an education. We are dedicated to increasing cross-cultural and interfaith exchange in East Africa through the scholarships we award and to educating people in the United States about the challenges and the potential of women in East Africa.


Growth Through Learning (GTL) envisions a world where all women receive the education they need to realize their own potential and fulfill their aspirations for themselves, their families, and their communities.


Making education possible for young girls and women.

Awarded Scholarships in the last 3 years
High School Diplomas since 1998
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A GTL scholarship award include all costs; tuition, uniform, exam fees, school supplies, room and board at a safe, consistent and educationally vigorous school.We send the girls to vetted residential schools with appropriate fencing, separate lavatory facilities, and clear policies for protection of female students.

We do this because in rural areas, there are still heavy struggles as parents with lower incomes struggle with saving enough funds for uniforms or exam fees.

For the girl child;

  • often forced to leave school to support parents or siblings, expected to marry through involuntary marriages, bear children at a young age.
  • susceptible to higher rates of HIV/Aids infection 6 times higher than that of men in some areas.

Educators and Development Professionals recommend that keeping young girls and young women longer in school is an effective way to protect them from early marriages, pregnancies, rape and physical abuse.

Over the past 20 years, citizens and governments in East Africa have made it a priority to educate young children and efforts to achieve gender parity in education have been successful.

Education for all Global Monitoring Report 2015

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At Growth through Learning, we believe that East Africa can build on successes and improve access to schools that have seen primary school age children, out of school, decrease from 32% to 8% between 2002 and 2011.  We work to support girls go beyond primary school and make sure that those successes reach girls in most undeserved regions in rural areas.

“My favorite thing about school is that I am given the ability to proceed in my future and an ability to change the lives of my family. I am now a student tutor at school. I want to assist GTL to help others to be role models and leaders too”. 

-Lynnex Chepkonga Korir, Mogotio Girls School, Kenya 



The Late Roger Whiting_ GTL Founder

The Late Roger Whiting, GTL Founder


GTL Founder_Jeanne Lynch, Board and Friends

GTL Founder Jeanne Lynch (second left back row), Board Members, Uganda GTL Coordinator and Friends


Growth Through Learning, Inc (GTL) was founded in 1997 by Roger Whiting from Holden, MA in the USA and his wife, Jeanne Lynch. GTL supports bright girls from East Africa, whose families are in financial difficulty, and are unable to pay for their daughters to attend high school.

Rogers cousins Ann Maddox, David Kynast and Nancy Gordon say, “Our entrepreneurial grandfather would have applauded GTL. Our numbers-oriented grandmother and movie-making teacher aunt would have been happy so many girls have been helped. Our parents would have delighted in Roger’s finding of a wonderful vocation. And we cousins stand a bit in awe. We are grateful for the chance that Roger’s organization gives us to broaden our support to the global level, helping girls in East Africa in their quest for learning. “

When Roger caught fire about girls’ education in East Africa, and founded Growth Through Learning, the Cousins recognized that he had found his true vocation. The name of the organization reflects his own life experience, they say. Jeanne Lynch is on the board of Directors and a very active fundraiser.